Saturday, April 14, 2012

142. Success! DIY Tissue Paper Rosettes

When I was in elementary school in the Los Angeles suburbs, we used to take field trips to "Historic Olvera St.!" in downtown Los Angeles. Funnily, Olvera was not at all far from the East L.A. garment district where my mom worked for 20 years, and that conflicted feeling has never left. Nevertheless, I loved bringing home wax skull and saints candles, and dusty paper flowers from the street vendors still decorate the lamp in my old bedroom in my parent's house. 

A few months ago, when I was tired of my unproductivity and creative ennui, I made a vow that we would accomplish one project a weekend. Whether that was cleaning a room, putting up picture frames, blow-torch searing a prime rib (yes, this happened), or completing something (anything!) from my DIY Pinterest board, I was determined to make this happen. 

So, it's April. And this is the first official Pin-spiration I've completed. I still feel good about it though. The Pinterest link was to this Mexican paper flower tutorial from 100 Layer Cake, a wedding blog that I love to read. The process is extremely simple and was a great way to use my hoarded tissue paper (please tell me I'm not the only person who saves gift wrap and tissue wrap from stores). I didn't have any staples in my stapler (CURSES!) so I went the wire route, and it was super easy as well. 

Step-by-step, as adapted by myself: 
  1. Pick out three colours (or more) (or less). The tutorial says 3 sheets for the center of the flower and 5-6 sheets for the other 2 colours, but if you're using wrinkled used paper like me,  you can use less. 
  2. Cut into approximately the same size squares. Some can be rectangles. 
  3. Stack them and then fold into an accordion (like folding a fan when you were a kid and it was hot out). 
  4. Staple or twist wire in the middle of the accordion. The staples or wire will be hidden; that's the middle of the flower. 
  5. Pull each layer of tissue up and fluff it to make it circular. Repeat until you have big poofy flowers! 

So far I've stuck one on the wall from a nail, the only one I remembered to leave extra wire on to make a loop. The other ones I'm thinking I will attach with fishing wire or string to the ceiling.

Here is my last minute brilliant idea, with only a few pieces of white tissue remaining. Watercolour! This is with my remaining few sheets and 3 gold squares, so I should finish that tomorrow. I'm going to buy a pack of paper and try and make a bunch more to decorate the living room!

Has anyone else completed a DIY or creative project lately? It makes me feel really good about myself when I craft or write a poem or draw a picture. I feel like since getting older and being out of college I really have to schedule in and force myself to produce things rather than waste my weekend hours entirely on Netflix.

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