Friday, March 21, 2014

Close your eyes and move into space

i might like it a lot if nick minaj were my big sister. i remember the first time i saw her with straight blunt bangs and long straight black hair, diamond Barbie necklace, heard her fast drawling voice rap in the BET cipher i don't even remember what year. i think we could be friends. i want to make her laugh.

high school ft. lil wayne is really good song. her new shit is fiyah. that's a code word for fire. it means it's hot.

weirdly, i've been thinking about trying to write comedy. what the fuck is on my mind. you're in goddamn law school dorothy, what are you trying to prove. but i'm watching tons of hannibal buress lately and inspired by my friend sophie lucido johnson who performs and writes and publishes beautiful things. i just think. maybe i can do that. maybe i can make something beautiful.

does it scare you? it scares me. i read a quote today about how i would much rather read the story i want to write than have to write it. it's that way for all art, lately. even more so for school work. i want to experience the just world i imagine. i'm tired of struggling for it.


making beauty, laughter, an outfit, a perfect cateye, a crockpot of chili. posturing, movement, forming shapes as practice for the world, the space we form, the places we want to be. small living, every motion, an asana.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Do whatcha wanna

dominoes fascinate me. how they line up and hit each other in those fantastic patterns. i guess really its about the old men and teenagers who do the lining up but it’s pretty how they click and clack. i know its also some sort of game that involves math and lining up dots but i’m going to pretend that’s not real. 

i saw a gif on imgur where popsicle sticks were laid out of criss cross in a spiral and something flipped the last one and it did the domino thing, everything flew and splattered and it was a lovely entropic chaotic moment. someone also reversed it so popsicle sticks flew in to a snail shape and that was less satisfying.

rain confuses me.

lundi gras tonight. it’s fat monday and orpheus is rolling and yesterday was bacchus and my friend christina is in new orleans wearing a turban and a smile. i’m playing the lagrima cover of nirvana’s lithium with a slow caribbean beat. it reminds me of 311. that’s probably not a cool thing to say. 

it’s not about really the rain. 

from the 13th floor i look out and i can’t hear anything but ambulances and i see some sun so i shrug and wear my crop top and sandals and then when i get to the lobby and walk out the door my toes are wet thank god for hats. i often wear hats. i liked them before i worked at the hat store. actually none of the hats i have are from the hat store anymore. i gave them to my ex-boyfriend usually and one was stolen by his mother and one got moldy or maybe soak in oil from being in the back of his car.

i guess i’ll wear boots tonight. 

there’s a swallow in my throat has always made more sense than a frog because there’s a slight flutter and it falls down into my belly and my chest. swallows dive bomb i think. when we were in 4th grade my class took a trip to san juan capistrano on the train and that was the first i ever heard of amtrak. now when i think of bird homecomings i picture them dive bombing just like that time a flock of pigeons flew up together gray twister tornado at in n’ out and made a filipino baby scream. she had on a magenta parka.

the other day a pigeon flew into my head. my friend laughed and laughed.

the other other day seagulls spun on the brick pavement in the alleyway connecting my apartment to the train station and an old man was feeding them bread. i remembered the pigeon and walked faster. 

days ago, in louisiana, i rolled my driver’s side window up 20 seconds before a duck flew right into it. i know it was a duck because i saw a green head. i wasn’t sure if i should stop but in the side mirror a silver suv had already pulled over so i figured it was all good. i was driving next to the canal. that’s where the ducks live. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Goth | Brennan Manuel

Southern California, man. Just like New Orleans, there's nothing else like it. 

My New Orleans life is behind me. Soon this blog/site will reflect the change. 

This in no way means my ties to NOLA are done. I'm sure the city and I still have some future ahead of us. I know the people and I absolutely do. 

The talented designer Brennan Manuel is one such New Orleanian. I first saw Brennan's designs on the runway back in October of 2012 at New Orleans Fashion Week S/S13. Not only did he have the most thoughtfully conceptualized runway show, his menswear was clean, well-cut, yet ever so slightly avant garde in the details. You can see that collection in this Flickr set; fun fact realized later: I'm in a bunch of those pictures sitting in the front row. Serendipitous.

I've been fortunate to get to know Brennan closely in recent months, and one benefit has been the reception of his designs for my own personal wardrobe. This dolman-sleeve blouse was one he made at school when attending the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).  Up until now, however, he hasn't made much clothing for women; this is about to change with his recently created streetwear line, 6AM.

Brennan is currently in the running to win an All-Access Pass to Sourcing at the MAGIC trade show in Las Vegas. When I was younger, I attended MAGIC with my mom, who worked as a vendor and supplier of trim, and when I tell you it's a madhouse for those in the garment industry, one had best believe. There are so many opportunities and connections to be made for upcoming designers and small businesses and I can't think of anyone who deserves to benefit from this more. All it takes is a Like on the Sourcing Facebook page and you can vote for him once every 24 hours. Voting ends July 31st.

If I could choose a fabric to wear for all of life, it would absolutely be cotton jersey. The assymetrical raw edges make this top pretty delicate, and my clumsy self has already torn a hole in a seam. Oops. Also, let's talk these Jeremy Scott for ADIDAS shoes for a second. Can I only buy flats from them from now on until forever please? It was hard to get a good picture of them, so here's an Instagram that shows the wings a little better. I bought them secondhand at an amazing price at Wasteland on Melrose (my favorite store in high school), which is a very different store than it was ten years ago (dear Lord almighty). Also, I went to the DMV today to get my new driver's license, which is why I'm wearing my full face of makeup. Yes, I managed to look slightly deranged in my photo; the first go-round, I must have blinked or talked because the lady frowned and said "No, I'm going to take that again." When I asked her if I looked okay after the second shot, she said, "Eh, it's better"; I look a little like an excited vampire. 

All is well in the world.  

Dolman sleeve assymetrical top by Brennan Manuel
Leggings - Blink NOLA
Winged flats - Jeremy Scott for ADIDAS via Wasteland, Los Angeles
Sunglasses - Time Warp Boutique, Baton Rouge

And this is me realizing that a freaking $20 investment in a remote for my DSLR was all I needed for life to be complete. /scene